Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Planning Your Wedding - How To Get Started

Once a girl gets engaged, she can hardly wait to get to the nearest store and pick up as many bridal magazines as she possibly can. Here she will find scores of photos of rings, wedding gowns and articles about weddings. Some of these magazines might shed some light on how to go about planning a wedding, but you might still be uncertain about the process. Organizing and planning well in time is the key to good planning. First and foremost, create a system of your own where you can keep a record of all details. You can choose a tab binder for each category. Categories can be ceremony, bakery, florist, catering, reception, music, transportation and photography. Another choice is the accordion file that uses tables of the same category. Here you can see every category at a glance. It is your choice which system you select, but you must use it in a consistent manner and keep a track of all pictures, receipts, business cards, brochures etc that comes under each category. Once you have your system sorted out, you can begin researching. There are a number of websites offering tips on planning for a wedding and you can also buy a number of books on this topic in the market. You can even visit a library to look for books on this topic. You could even ask any recently married friends of yours to lend you some books. Next thing is finding a wedding time table layout. This includes a to-do list for the period before the wedding. One of the things on top of the list may be consulting your parents and fiancé about the budget and financial support if you are seeking any. Other items on your list maybe deciding whether you want an informal or formal wedding, the number of guests you want to invite and interviews with wedding coordinators. You can even make your time line on your computer. Once you have a basic idea of the details that go into planning a wedding, and the kind of time each detail takes, you can start asking your family and friends to help you. You can distribute some tasks among people helping you so that everything on your to-do list will be done by the time the big day comes.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Plan Your Dream Wedding in Style with a Personal Wedding Website

Wedding is the most cherishing moment in a person's life. For couples worldwide, this is the day they dream of making memorable. A grand wedding celebration calls for some serious planning and proper arrangement. Wedding plans need to be prepared in advance so as to avoid any embarrassment on the D-day. Details of the occasion are discussed by family members and relatives. Nowadays, it often turns out that most of us fail to make each and everyone a part of the wedding arrangement owing to time crunch or busy schedule. But if you want to make all your close ones a part of the big occasion, a personal wedding website is the right solution for you! Creating a personal wedding website is a unique way to keep your friends and family members updated of the wedding arrangements. The couples-to-be can send out information to their relatives online and also invite suggestions from them. This gesture on part of the couple makes the friends and family members feel happy about their active participation in the big occasion. Thus a personal wedding website sets the platform for the grandest celebration of a lifetime. Building a personal wedding website is free of hassles as the main features are already included when purchasing your package. All you need to do is provide the content for your wedding site. The features that are mostly included are Online RSVP, Registry Information, Ceremony Details, Photo Gallery, etc. These details can be easily viewed by the guests. In case, the couple has failed to chalk out the details, the guests are welcome to offer their suggestions for the wedding plan. It's good to have a blog or Poll feature on your site. This would allow your family members and friends to give their feedback regarding the wedding arrangements. Besides, if you want an extraordinary design layout for your site, you can take the help of professional designers or expert consultants. This might help you to concentrate on areas you might otherwise have overlooked. Many of us feel that a personal wedding website is useful only till the day of the reception. This is an absolutely trash idea as special moments follow your wedding. Photographs of honeymoon can be posted on the site. As years roll on, the website will feature photos of your new home, your children, and many more moments of happiness. Your personal wedding website is thus transformed into your family site where all the happy years can be shared with your family members and friends. No doubt then, that the greatest thing a personal wedding website can offer is happiness! The other benefits come later. Talking of some of the other advantages, most personal wedding website packages offer a website along with a unique domain name to the couples. Most of these organizations allow the couple to keep their domain name as well as update its content on payment of a small sum. This little expense works wonders to bring an invaluable smile on your dear ones' lips. As years roll on, your website reminds of the wonderful wedding bells that had rung in the past years. Those unforgettable moments are relived again and again; the memory lingers on... :)

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Do You Really Need a Wedding Planner?

When planning a wedding, there are many details to tend to. After all, there is so much planning and special thought that you have to put into the entire process. You will often find that it can be overwhelming once you get started. Before it all gets out of hand, you should consider hiring a wedding planner to assist during this exciting and confusing time. Your wedding is one of the most memorable moments of your lifetime. You must be organized or you will quickly find that the entire process becomes a mess. Make sure that every last detail has been completed and is perfect. Wedding planning is a very stressful time in a couple's life. They shouldn't bear the added stress of having to plan everything. However, with a wedding planner; this stress may lifted, making the whole experience much more enjoyable. The stress of planning wedding usually comes from all of the details required during the preparation. You have to plan a budget and then try to stick to it. You have to figure out the food menu, the wedding place, guests and much, much more. Sometimes you need more than just the assistance of your family and friends to keep it all in sync. For this reason, there are wedding professionals to help you. They are fantastic, if you find the right one. However, wedding planners come with an added cost to your wedding budget. When searching for a wedding planner, you will quickly realize that there are many different people out there to help you with your wedding so you will want to do your research well. Try to find a wedding planner that fits your needs best. Ask around and make sure that you are getting a competent wedding planner that will make your special day perfect. Be sure to ask for references so you can be sure that you are getting trustworthy wedding planner. If possible, delegate some of the chores involved in a wedding. This will allow you to have more time to be excited and happy about what is going to happen. This will eliminate most of the stresses and the anxiety that most couples experience when it comes time to planning their wedding. You can focus on the fun that you are going to have in your new life together. Make sure that your wedding planner is taking all of your needs and concerns into consideration. They should take care of the budget, timeframe and scheduling for you. They should also personally visit with all the vendors that you will need for your wedding. They should take care of all necessary price and contract negotiations that have to be done. This will make your life a lot easier when it comes time for your big day. The wedding planner will answer any etiquette questions that you may have along with the menu and other necessary preparations. They will plan the seating arrangement, music and the entertainment. A good wedding planner will cover every last detail so that you do not have to. After all, you should not have to worry about a thing when it comes to your wedding. If you are not sure that you can take on all of the time and work that your wedding is going to need, hire a wedding planner to get the ball rolling. You will feel better knowing that you are going to get the treatment that you will deserve and that you can feel comfortable with. You will be on your way to having the wedding of your dreams without any of the problems or stress that you would normally have if you were taking care of the details yourself.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Let's Get Organized!

Be honest - the minute you got engaged you were so excited that you went out and bought like twelve wedding magazines and put yourself on Martha Stewart mailing list. Now you spend your days daydreaming, but you have no idea what to do with all your wonderful ideas and a wedding planner just isn't going to fit into your budget. The best way to get all you ideas into one place, so that you can have them when you start picking things like your dress, cake, bridesmaid's dresses, and themes is to create a wedding binder. A wedding binder is a place for you to put pictures, color swatches, and informative articles (such as this one!). Don't know where to start? Here are some helpful tips to getting your wedding binder started! 

1.) The fist thing you should do, is divide your binder up into several sections. You can use binder dividers or folders, whatever is easiest for storing your ideas. 

2.) The first section of your binder should be dedicated to your dress. You can clip some pictures from your magazines and ones you found online. Maybe pick out four or five and place them in order of love it down to like it. You can also find some fabric samples and include those, especially if you want your dress to have color. You should find a swatch of the exact color you want and include, that way you can find a great match. You should show this part of your binder to the different dress boutiques you visit. This will help them assist you in selecting the perfect gown. 

3.) The next section of your binder should be dedicated to bridesmaids dress and tuxedos from your groom and groomsmen. You can do something similar to what you did with you dress portion, by collecting color swatches, material samples, and pictures. Whatever you need to make sure the people helping you select these things are presenting you with exactly what you want. 

 4.) You should reserve a section of your binder to your cake. Collect pictures and jot down thoughts you have about what flavor of cake or icing you want, as well as how many servings you will need. 

 5.) Your theme and wedding colors should have another section of your binder. Jot down ideas you have for centerpieces, pew hangers, and any other ideas you might have that represent your theme. You should also include pictures to help jog your memory when you finally start picking these items out. 

6.) The flowers for your wedding should also have their own section. Make a list of flowers that are in season, because these will help you create more cost efficient bouquets. You should gather pictures and make sure to include your flower budget, that way you can show your florist your ideas and they can help you stay within your budget. 

7.) Another interesting section, which a lot of bride's don't think of, is a photography section. You can do some research online of different photographers and maybe get some ideas for some poses, lighting, or Photoshop effects you may want to have done to your wedding pictures. You should try to print copies of the pictures to show your photographer, or maybe just jot down the site and location of the pictures so your photographer can go to the different sites and get an idea of what you are wanting. 

8.) Last, but not least you should include a checklist in your binder. This is a list of things you need to do such as making your guest list, selecting a ceremony venue, choose wedding invitations, or make pre-wedding hair trial appointment. By getting all of these things out on paper, you are less likely to forget to do something. Remember, your binder is about your wedding and you should include whatever you want or need to help you get the job done and stay organized. You will be amazed how much stress this will relieve, and how much easier it will be to explain that specific shade of pink to the lady whose helping you pick out your bridesmaids dresses.
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